Adding Special Characters to Your Document

Did you ever notice there’s no cents symbol on your keyboard? There’s the dollar sign, right over the number 4 key at the top but no cents sign.

There are several symbols and letter variations (like accented letters in French and the tilde that goes over the letter n in Spanish)that are just a few keystrokes away if you know how to find them. They’re called Alt Codes and you create them by holding down the ALT key while you type a number. Here are a few of the most common, and a few of the most fun:

Á Alt+0193á Alt+0225¿ Alt+0191☺ Alt+1↑ Alt+24€ Alt+0128
É Alt+0201é Alt+0233¡ Alt+0161♥ Alt+3↓ Alt+25£ Alt+0163
Í Alt+0205í Alt+0237º Alt+0186♦ Alt+4→ Alt+26
Ó Alt+0211ó Alt+0243ª Alt+0170♣ Alt+5← Alt+27
Ú Alt+0218ú Alt+0250« Alt+0171♠ Alt+6♪ Alt+13
Ñ Alt+0209ñ Alt+0241» Alt+0187☼ Alt+15♫ Alt+14
Ü Alt+0220ü Alt+0252

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